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Food Allergy Emergency Form for Babysitters, Caregivers, Camps, and More

Food Allergy Babysitter and Drop-Off Child Care Form


Free! Download, print and use this form created for you by a collaborative effort of Kids With Food Allergies and, written by Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, edited by John Lee, MD. 

Use this guide
to review key food allergy management principles and to inform other caretakers about your child's specific food allergies. This is a handy reference for play dates, birthday parties, camps and other drop-off situations.

The form has been recently updated and redesigned. A PDF reader is required to open and save the form.  Fill in your child's information and print it to share with their caretakers.

"Created to help teach friends, family, babysitters and others responsible for the care of children with food allergies."

Additional resources and information can be found in our free video: Babysitters, Playdates, and Parties: How to Transition Care for Children with Food Allergies with guest speakers Dr. Michael Pistiner of and Dr. Sarah Boudreau-Romano of



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Thanks! We love this resource!

Lynn - ANA loperamide (immodium); mom to:
Sam (7/2006) - breastfed 7/06 to 4/09; allergic to: egg, cow milk, tree nuts, sesame, fish, latex; IOFC to baked cheese, baked milk, peanut, selected tree nuts = pass.
Max (9/2009) - breastfed 9/09 to 1/12; Asthma; IOFC milk, egg, peanut, sunflower, tree nuts = pass

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