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As a parent of a child with food allergies, you know how exciting it is to introduce a new food to your child's diet or to find a new food or product that everyone is talking about!

December is a busy time with holidays. If you want to try new foods, wait until you have a peaceful day. Avoid feeding your child something new in a strange place or during a hectic time. 

These are not the optimal times to try new foods:

  • While you are traveling (whether by air, a long car trip or a long train ride). Pack safe foods that your child is familiar with instead.
  • On Christmas Day (or any other holiday) itself. 
  • The days leading up to a holiday when you are super busy. 
  • If you are going out and leaving your kids with a babysitter or someone else.
  • If your child has any symptoms of illness (like a cold).

When introducing a new food, it is best to be sure you have time to keep a close eye on your child.

Enjoy your new food finds when you and your child have more time to savor them. And if your child is old enough, maybe you and your child can find new ways to cook with them together during your holiday vacation!

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