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KFA's Webinar on Food Allergies in School

We had a very large turnout for our recent webinar on Food Allergy in School: What Parents Need to Know and we received hundreds of questions. We will be addressing these questions in future webinars, blog posts and in the message below. Thank you for your support!


Link to Archived/Recorded Webinar The webinar was a little over one hour. Now you can see it at your leisure and pause when you need to take a break or write notes. This recording will be available on our website for about 30 days.

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Food Allergy Action Plan (PDF)

Handwashing/Cleaning Study (PDF) This is the referenced study regarding hand sanitizers, soap, and cleaning products and their efficiency at removing peanut allergen.

Finding the Right Daycare or Preschool

Sample Section 504 Plans This is a premium resource that Kids With Food Allergies Foundation offers for subscribing KFA Family Members.

School Health Plans (IHP, 504) This is a premium resource from KFA that explains how to create a comprehensive school health plan for your food allergic child.

Free School Resources from KFA KFA offers 16 readily available articles with tips, examples and guidelines for school management of food allergy

Free School Resources from AllergyHome AllergyHome offers videos and more for nurse training, school staff training, tools for parents and tools to teach kids.

Everyday Cool with Food Allergies This is the children's book written by Dr. Michael Pistiner. It is available at All purchases from this link will send a portion of the proceeds to KFA at no cost to you. It is currently available from a third party seller on You can also purchase it directly from The No Biggie Bunch.

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Terrific webinar though I wish the small study of 30 children who showed no reaction to peanut butter being a foot from their faces would not have been included. My child has twice suffered angioedema after being in the same room as an open jar of peanut butter for only moments so this information works counter to my efforts in accommodating my child in school. Otherwise a helpful presentation...thank you!


I enjoyed the July 31st webinar! It was very informative.


I do disagree with one point. He stated that a small study showed that only a rash occurred with peanut butter spread on an allergic child's skin. My child has had hives and swelling with just skin contact....Many times.


For example; After a kiss on the cheek by someone who just ate a PBJ, my child had a face full of hives and swollen lips. After sitting next to a child eating peanuts, she had hives all over her body, and a runny nose, and coughing. 


He did state that the children in the study had intact skin. Does this mean that they did not have eczema? Would having eczema be the reason why some kids, like my child, react more severely to skin contact? Would this change the precautions needed that he outlines? 


Thank you! 

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