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While no customers have reported illnesses, Giant Eagle has recalled several food products, including a Halloween favorite: candy corn.

A voluntary recall has been announced for several prepared dishes: diced summer slaw, diced summer salad and some "Grab and Go" meals that may include the summer slaw, according to a Giant Eagle press release. Reser's Fine Foods products have been recalled for a possible Listeria bacteria contamination, the store said, which impacts those prepared foods at locations in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Those salads being recalled were sold between Oct. 13 and 29 and had a three-day shelf life.

The store also recalled Sept. 26 a candy corn mix packaged by George J. Howe Company under the Candy Place brand, Giant Eagle said. The candy may have included undeclared allergens, as it was packaged with a trail mix that contained peanut, milk, soy and egg allergens, Giant Eagle said. For those not allergic, the candy corn is safe.

The candy corn was purchased by 187 customers in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia between Sept. 8 and 26, Giant Eagle said. Packaged in a 13 oz. clear plastic container, it has a UPC code of 3003406974 and a sell-by date of April 8, 2014.

Customers can return recalled products for a full refund, Giant Eagle said.

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