Gluten Alert: Applegate Naturals Barbecue-Flavored Chicken Breast Removed From Market


Voluntary Market Withdrawal Applegate Naturals Barbecue-Flavored Chicken Breast

At Applegate, we’re committed to transparency and open and honest dialogue with our consumers. That’s why we’re voluntarily removing Applegate Naturals Barbecue-Flavored Chicken Breast with malt extract listed in the ingredient statement and gluten-free listed on label. Although the product is well below the threshold for the presence of gluten, it’s causing a lot of confusion, and that’s the last thing we want to do. That’s why we’re removing malt extract from further production of Applegate Naturals Barbecue-Flavored Chicken Breast.

No other products are affected and no other Applegate products contain malt extract.

We’re committed to bringing your family the best products possible.

Please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook/applegate for more information or call Applegate at 866-587-5858.

John Ghingo, president, Applegate


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