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Help Your Child Stay Safe at School With Medicine Bags


For a child with food allergies or asthma, you have to add life-saving medicines to your school supply list. One way to keep your child safe as they head back to school is with a medicine bag.

Quick access to medicines can be critical in an emergency when every second counts. A medicine bag is an ideal way to keep your child’s medicines together, protected and easy to find.

For younger children, you could use a bag to keep medicines together in a diaper bag or to give to a teacher. If your child is ready to self-carry their medicines, they can use these bags to carry them in their book bags or grab them for recess, lunchtime, assemblies, after-school activities and more.

There is no set age when a child is ready to carry their own medicines. And there is a difference between self-carrying and self-administering. We have resources available to help you decide what is best for your child. 

We have four styles of medicine bags available in different sizes. Each bag is made of neoprene and zips closed to keep contents secure. They are available in our online store.

Small Black Medicine Bag

Our small bag can hold two epinephrine auto-injectors, an inhaler and a spacer. A carry strap makes it easy to take on the go. Choose one with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America logo or the Kids With Food Allergies logo.

Carry this low-profile bag in a:

  • Book bag
  • Backpack
  • Purse
  • Large zippered binder
  • Diaper bag

Medium Blue Pouch

Our medium pouch has enough room for two epinephrine auto-injectors, an inhaler and a spacer. The bright blue color and Kids With Food Allergies logo makes it easy to see. It includes a carabiner so you can clip it on bags or clothes for easy access.

This bag is good when you want:

  • A brightly colored bag to make your child’s medicines easy to find and access
  • A hands-free way to carry medicines


Running Pack

Our running pack lets your older child carry medicines hands-free around their waist. The pack has an adjustable elastic waistband, a large front pocket and two small side pockets. 

This pack is great for older kids, like high school or college-age students, who have after-school sports.

Large Blue Pouch

Our large pouch has room for two epinephrine auto-injectors, an inhaler and a spacer with room to spare for extras like a snack. The bright blue color and large First Aid symbol on the front make it easy to see. 

Quantities are limited.

This bag could be used for:

  • Teachers when a child is not old enough to self-carry
  • A spare set of medicines for the school nurse




Shop for these bags and more AAFA and KFA gear in our online store. Your purchase helps us continue our mission to improve the quality of life for those affected by asthma, allergies and food allergies.

Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) is a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). AAFA is the largest and oldest nonprofit patient organization dedicated to asthma and allergies. KFA educates families and communities with practical food allergy management strategies to save lives and improve the quality of life for children and their families. Our online community includes public blogs. To post a comment, you will need to register or sign in. Registered members have access to additional specialized support forums for food allergies. Registration is free!

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