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Here's a wonderful story mom Sally shared with us. Thank you for sharing and for supporting
Kids With Food Allergies Foundation!

“I would like to share a story that truly restored my faith in humanity this evening. I got a call from my son's teacher while she was in Fred Meyer trying to find safe treats for him to have at the Valentines Party tomorrow. She had searched high and low for safe cupcakes, and had originally planned on sherbet, but decided on sorbet since it was safe! I had spent two hours looking for safe cupcakes with no success at multiple stores, since my son has nut and other allergies (milk, wheat, eggs, etc.). I came home defeated and stressed knowing that I had to cook cupcakes, and prep Valentines for tomorrow.

The fact that his teacher had spent so much extra time making tomorrow's party INCLUSIVE truly made a difference for my family. I just want others to know how truly special she is and how much we appreciate her! There are teachers out there who put in the extra effort and time to make things that can be nightmares for allergy-parents not so scary. She even commented on how hard it was to find safe treats.
I humbly agreed.”

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I really wish that schools would do away with food related parties.  I am not a FA parent but I do not want my child eating most of the prepared allergy friendly  food because they mostly contain food coloring, additives, preservatives and GMOs that are poisonous to all kids and that are not a part of my family's diet.  Allergy friendly fast food is still junk Food.

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