KFA Blog Named One of Best Allergy Blogs of 2018


We are proud to announce that the Kids With Food Allergies’ blog has once again been named one of the best allergy blogs of 2018 by Healthline! Healthline is a health site with information on many different health topics. Every year since 2012, our blog has received this honor.

We will continue to use our blog to bring you information about:

  • The latest food allergy news and research
  • Advocacy alerts on issues that affect the food allergy community
  • Resources for managing food allergies
  • Recipes and #NewFoodFinds
  • Inspiring stories about members who don't let food allergies define them
  • Food and medicine recalls
  • Announcements about special events like webinars and chats


Keep watching our blog for more information, news and research on managing food allergies. Join our online discussion forums to talk with others managing their child's food allergies too. Thank you for helping us offer life-saving resources!


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