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KFA's HALLOWEEN Food Allergy Guide

monkeyThe scary parts of Halloween should be witches and ghosts, not candy. For parents of food-allergic children, it can be stressful to celebrate holidays centered on food. Kids With Food Allergies Foundation can help you celebrate safely so your family can enjoy the fun parts of Halloween, too!




 KFA blog posts:
Safety is Priority One for Halloween! Learn How to ACT and REACT
Prevention and preparedness are important for every situation when it comes to children with food allergies. Since Halloween presents its own special challenges, we've come up with some special tips you can use to make sure your little ones stay safe this Halloween.

How to Read Halloween Candy Labels
Find out what you need to know regarding food labels. See examples of candy labels to illustrate the importance of reading the full label.

3 Tricks to Managing Food Allergies at Halloween
From our new "Parents' Voices" blog, Tami Pyles shares three tips to help you keep this treat-filled holiday safe for your child.

KFA resource articles:
Plan Ahead to Keep Your Allergic Little Pumpkin Safe from Scary Stuff at Halloween

The scary parts of Halloween are supposed to involve ghosts and witches, not the candy!

Safely Celebrating Halloween When Your Child Has Food Allergies
KFA offers tips for dealing with Halloween parties at school and home.

Trick-or-Treating Safety for Children with Food Allergies
12 Halloween tips to take the trick out of treats when your child has food allergies!

Allergy-Friendly Halloween Recipes:
Allergy-Friendly Recipes Make Halloween a Treat
From a Witch Cake to Gel Earthworms, your kids will be delighted with these safe treats.

Allergy-Friendly Foods:
Allergy-Friendly Candy, Cookies and More
Find businesses that make allergy-friendly treats in our Allergy Buyer's Guide!


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