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Milk Allergy Alert - Woodstock, Market Basket, Lunds and Byerlys Dark Chocolate Products

United Natural Trading LLC Announces Voluntary Recall of Dark Chocolate Almonds and Dark Chocolate Cashew Due to Possible Health Risk From an Undeclared Milk Allergen

For Immediate Release

October 31, 2017


Consumers and Media

Melissa McCullough


United Natural Trading LLC, Edison, NJ, is voluntarily recalling Dark Chocolate Cashews and Dark Chocolate Almonds (see below) sold under the Woodstock, Market Basket, Lunds and Byerlys brands due to a possible health risk from an undeclared milk allergen.  People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk run the risk of serious or life threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.

DescriptionLot NumberBest By DateUPC#
Woodstock Dark Chocolate Almonds, 8/8.5oz.16165, 16239, 16250, 16278, 16284, 17006, 17087, 17090, 17110, 17128, 17188, 17144, 17210, 172719/13/17, 6/1/17, 12/6/17, 1/4/18, 9/26/17, 4/6/18, 1/18/18, 11/29/17, 2/16/18, 11/29/17, 5/16/18, 3/30/18, 6/16/18, 7/31/1804256300942
Market Basket Dark Chocolate Almonds 8/12oz.17024, 17023, 17045, 17122, 17145, 17173, 17195, 17210, 17241, 17256, 1728510/19/17, 1/23/18, 2/14/18, 2/16/18, 5/16/18, 6/16/18, 6/16/18, 6/16/18, 8/31/18, 10/12/1804970540826
Market Basket Dark Chocolate Cashews 8/12oz.17069, 17110, 17131, 17159, 17186, 17212, 172853/10/18, 1/18/18, 4/18/18, 5/23/18, 5/23/18, 5/23/18, 10/12/1804970540900
Lunds & Byerlys Dark Chocolate Almond 12/11oz.17194, 172496/16/18, 7/31/180724310208

The lot numbers are printed on the back of each retail bag. The chocolate containing products were shipped to retailers and distributors from June 14, 2016 – October 30, 2017  throughout the United States. 

This recall was issued as a precaution because our firm received a notice from GKI Foods, LLC recalling their dark chocolate cashews and dark chocolate almonds for an undeclared milk allergen.

No illnesses have been reported to date in association with the recall and no other chocolate almond and cashew containing products under the brands are being recalled to date.

Consumers who have any remaining product with these lot numbers should not consume it, but rather should discard it. Consumers should retain their store receipts, packaging reflecting lot numbers or any other proof of purchase they may have or return to the store for a refund. Retailers and consumers with questions may call Millie Carra at United Natural Trading, LLC customer service at 732-650-9905, which is open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (EST) Monday - Friday.


lundy and bylerly dark chocolate almonds packagingMarket Basket dark chocolate cashewsdark chocolate cashews packaginglundy-byerlys-dark-chocolate-almondsmarket basket dark chocolate almondsdark chocolate almnds rear packagingwoodstock dark chocolate almondsdark chocolate almonds - rear packaging

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