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If your child is allergic to dairy, you probably already know the obvious foods to avoid.

Ice cream. Yogurt. Milk and buttermilk. Cheese-covered chips and snacks.

There are other foods that might surprise you, as well as non-food items.

Take balloons.
Would you expect balloons to have milk powder? Some do. This example shows balloons that contain casein. Casein is a milk protein.


How about herbs? 
You might not think herbs sold in the refrigerated produce section have milk. This is a squeezable herb paste. It contains milk.


Do you use lunch meat when you pack a camp or school lunch?
Salami is salami, right? But some lunch meats contain dairy. 


Are you looking to add safe, dairy-free cheese to a sandwich? 
Cheeses known as:

  • non-dairy
  • lactose-free
  • veggie

are not the same as "dairy-free." Always read the ingredient label to check for "milk."


Looking for a protein boost? 
Products that advertise "high protein" may be adding whey protein isolate, a form of milk. If your child can eat peanut butter, but not milk, here is a label where milk was added to peanut butter:


The bottom line:

  • Always read the label - every time.
  • Look at labels on non-food products too.
  • Read the label in the store and again at home.
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