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Parents work hard to teach their children with food allergies how to read labels and watch for reactions. But sometimes, the parents need a little help of their own.

Austin's dad was diagnosed with a severe reaction to an antibiotic. At age 8 with allergies to milk, egg, peanuts and tree nuts, Austin has learned how important it is to have an anaphylaxis action emergency plan to know what to do in case of a severe allergic reaction, called anaphylaxis. To help his dad manage his drug allergy, he created a custom anaphylaxis plan and hung it on the wall so his dad would know what to do if he had symptoms of anaphylaxis.


Do you also manage anaphylaxis along with your child? Tell us in the comments section below how your child takes what they've learned to help you and others manage potentially life-threatening severe allergic reactions.

Father's Day is coming on June 16. As you celebrate the dads in your life, be sure to say an extra "thank you" to all of the fathers who work hard to keep their children with food allergies safe every day.

We're in this together.
You don't have to manage your child's food allergies alone. KFA has educational information, food allergy news and a Safe Eatsยฎ Recipe collection to help you keep your child safe. We also have discussion forums where you can talk to other parents and caregivers managing food allergies in a safe, encouraging environment.



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