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1/15/2013 -- This free online class was presented by Kids With Food Allergies Foundation as part of our educational outreach program. Our guest speaker was food allergy author Linda Coss. Dr. Michael Pistiner was our representative from our medical advisory team. We thank our guest speakers for joining us as uncompensated volunteers.

This webinar was made possible by an unrestricted educational grant provided by Mylan.  Our next webinar will be on February 20 and the topic will be Birthdays and Celebrations.  In March, we will be discussing Eating Out with Food Allergies.  Keep an eye out for your invitation to register for these classes!


During yesterday's webinar, we received nearly 100 questions submitted by the attendees of the class.  Several were answered during the Q&A session (watch the video above).  If you submitted a question that wasn't answered during the live class, the answer may be found below:


Schools and Food Allergies Webinar Part 1 (What Every Parent Needs to Know)

This webinar covered issues such as food allergy basics, teaching children about food allergies, food in the classrooms, cafeteria concerns, staff training and more. The length is one hour.

Schools and Food Allergies Webinar Part 2 (Q&A with Leading Experts)

Questions submitted by our members were answered by a large panel of experts (allergists, school nurses, and educators). The length is one hour.

School Planning Resources from KFA

From creating a Section 504 Plan to communicating early on with teachers and school nurses, planning is essential. KFA provides you with the resources your child needs to guarantee a successful (and safe) school year.  Additionally, feel free to post on KFA's support forum for Parents of School-Age Kids.

Online School Training Videos from AllergyHome

A 30-minute module perfect for training school staff on the management of food allergies in school.

Video to Teach Other Kids About Food Allergies 

We know that education and awareness prevents bullying.  This short video slideshow from Dr. Michael Pistiner at is a great tool to teach schoolchildren about food allergies.


Sending My Son to College

Linda Coss shares her story about sending her son (with multiple food allergies) to college. These are a collection of posts made on the KFA support community, so you must register to be a member to read these posts.




Anxiety in Children with Food Allergies

Unfortunately, extreme anxiety can be common in children with life- threatening food allergies, but it is treatable.


Anxious About Food Allergies? You Are Not Alone

How to keep your cool when your child is diagnosed with food allergies.


How to Keep Your Food-Allergic Child From Feeling Left Out

Restrictions in foods and social activities can lead children to experience feelings of sadness, anger, frustration and self consciousness - particularly when they feel safety precautions make them stand out from their peers.




Teens and Kids with Food Allergies Need to Be Careful About Kissing

Kissing (ranging from passionate to a peck on the cheek) can prompt an allergic reaction.


Eating Out With Food Allergies

By working together, families of food-allergic children and restaurants can help prevent food-allergic reactions and make dining out less stressful. 

Additionally, we will cover this topic in our March webinar!




Food Allergy Test: What Does It Mean?

What you need to know about diagnostic testing for food allergy.

If Allergic to One Food, Do You Have to Avoid Related Foods?

Cross-reactivity occurs when the proteins in one substance are similar to the proteins in another and the immune system sees them as the same. In the case of food allergies, cross-reactivity can occur between one food and another but it is also seen between pollen and foods or latex and foods.




If you have any other questions, such as food & cooking, travel, epinephrine carriers, etc., we encourage you to post on our community support forums.  Our community members and volunteers can give you individual, specialized advice.  Registration is free!




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  • Build a network of friends to support/protect those with food allergy

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Sounds like a good idea, but I'm not sure my son (12) would participate !

I can imagine more girls wanting to though.Look at it this way, how many dads do we see on the forums

One other thing I'm not sure about is would the kids be able to see our posts ?

i think they might not be too happy about some of the things we say about them at times, could find it embarrassing


Thanks for asking. We've had parents request a children's or teens forum, but as an organization, we'd need to be compliant with the federal law, COPPA - Children's Online Child Protection and Privacy Act.  As such, we'd need to have parental consent for children under age 13 to participate and we'd have to monitor conversations to make sure children are adequately protected on our forums. We've asked for parent volunteers to help with an effort like this, but haven't had anyone really come forward. We'd need a team of committed volunteers to undertake an endeavor in order to do it in a responsible way. If you or other parents are interested in volunteering for something like this, please contact us!

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