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With so many other TV networks airing shows that display poor awareness of food allergies, we want to highlight a network that is doing a great job of supporting the food allergy community.

If your preschooler is a fan of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, we have some big news. The animated tiger develops a food allergy on the upcoming season of the PBS KIDS’ popular series.

Daniel learns he is allergic to peaches the very first time he tries them in “Daniel’s Allergy.” His dad and Doctor Anna take care of him. Doctor Anna tells Daniel how he can take care of himself, too.

Then, in “Allergies at School,” it’s the 100th day celebration. Daniel tells teacher Harriet and his friends about his peach allergy. Everyone helps to take care of Daniel by helping him avoid peaches. And they all take care of each other in different ways throughout the school day.

Parents may remember Daniel Tiger as a character from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Daniel is the second PBS Kids character to develop a food allergy. Binky, on Arthur, is allergic to peanuts.

Owen, one of KFA's Rising Stars, is featured on the PBS website as he shows off his home and how he lives a cool life with his food allergy. 

“Daniel’s Allergy" and "Allergies at School” premiere Wednesday, September 7 as part of a back-to-school theme. Check your local listings for viewing times.

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