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Peanut Allergy Alert - Condies Foods, Inc Bold and Zesty Salsa

Condies Foods, Inc. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanut Protein in Condies Brand “Bold And Zesty” and Dr. J’s Brand “Mild” and “Medium” Salsas

801-969-1448 ext. 107


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — January 13, 2015 — Salt Lake City, Utah — Condies Foods, Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah is recalling Condies brand “Bold and Zesty” salsa with USE THRU dates from 10/29 (2014) to 1/27 (2015) and Dr. J’s brand “Mild” and “Medium” salsas with USE THRU dates from 10/29 (2014) to 2/4 (2015), because they contain the recalled spice cumin which may contain undeclared peanut protein. People who have an allergy to peanuts run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.


The salsas were distributed to retail stores in the state of Utah.

The salsas are packed in round, opaque plastic tubs. The Condies brand “Bold and Zesty” salsa is packed 14 oz. to a tub and are labeled with UPC number 050777442206. The Dr. J’s brand “Mild” and “Medium” salsas are packed 15 oz. to a tub and are labeled with UPC number 793573078148 for the “Mild” and 793573939166 for the “Medium”. USE THRU information can be found near the bar codes on the labeling located on the side of the container.

No illnesses have been reported to date.


The recall was initiated after Condies Foods discovered through the FDA Recalls, Withdrawals and Safety Alerts that a certain lot of cumin used in Condies products had been recalled. The supplier of the cumin indicates that subsequent lots of the cumin are not implicated in the recall.


Consumers of the implicated products are advised to discard the salsa if they have allergies to peanuts. Arrangements may be made for refunded or replaced product and questions regarding the recall may be addressed to Scott Black at 801-969-1448 between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM MST.

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