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Update as of Sept. 2, 2021:

We have updated our Teal Classroom™: Food Allergy Awareness Kit! This version includes updated resources, such as posters, stickers, activity sheets, educational information, and more.

Each school year, Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) wants to help parents, teachers, and school staff create healthy and inclusive learning environments for children with food allergies. One resource we offer to school staff is our Teal Classroom™: Food Allergy Awareness Kit. It is available as a free PDF you can download, print, and share.

What Is a Teal Classroom™?

Teal is the color of food allergy awareness. Forty-five percent of severe allergic reactions in schools begin in the classroom. A Teal Classroom™ means you have a classroom that encourages being safe and inclusive for people (students and staff) with food allergies.

Teal classrooms raise food allergy awareness

Our Teal Classroom™: Food Allergy Awareness Kit contains resources to help teachers and other staff promote food allergy awareness at school. It includes:

  • Information about why it is important to have food allergy aware classrooms to reduce the risk of food allergy reactions
  • Food allergy awareness lessons for grades K-5
  • Printable posters, activity sheets, and stickers
  • Non-food reward ideas
  • List of hidden allergens in school craft and art supplies
  • List of other food allergy resources

Share this guide with your child's teacher, school nurse, and administrators as a resource to raise food allergy awareness in your child's school.

Join our community to follow our blog for more ideas to promote food allergy awareness and inclusiveness in schools. Our community also provides an opportunity to connect with other families for one-on-one support.



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  • Teal classrooms raise food allergy awareness: Teal classrooms raise food allergy awareness

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