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Soy, Milk, Egg, and Wheat Allergy Alert: King of Pops Banana Pudding and Key Lime Pie Pops

King of Pops Charleston SC Issues Allergen Alert on Undeclared: Soy, Milk, Egg and Wheat



Andy McCarthy


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - July 16, 2014 - King of Pops of Charleston, SC is recalling mislabeled banana puddin’ pops and keylime pie pops because they may contain milk, wheat, egg, and/or soy some of which is undeclared on the label. The labels do contain milk, flour, chocolate, egg, vanilla wafer, and/or graham cracker, which may contain allergens milk, soy, egg, and wheat. King of Pops is working closely with the FDA, SC Dept. of Agricultural, and SC Dept. of Health to correct the labeling issue to FDA standards. Additionally, these products are submitted to the SC Dept. of Health for testing every quarter and meet all Health codes during these regular tests. The UPC codes on these products are 59959 00305 and 59959 00304. All known mislabeled products have already been removed from stores.


People who have allergy or severe sensitivity to milk, wheat, egg or soy run the risk of severe or life threatening allergic reactions if they consume these products.


These pops are distributed in Charleston, SC at retail stores.


These pops are labeled with company logo and flavor and ingredient statement does include milk, flour, chocolate, egg, vanilla wafer, and/or graham cracker, which may contain milk, egg, wheat, and/or soy.


The labeling problem was discovered during routine inspection by South Carolina Dept. of Agriculture. No illnesses have been reported to date.

Consumers who have allergy or sensitivity to milk, wheat, egg, and soy should discard these products.


For additional information you can call the King of Pops production kitchen at 843-297-8039.



King of Pops


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