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Managing your child’s food allergies can feel overwhelming. But the support of a community can make a world of difference.

Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) is dedicated to saving lives and reducing the burden of food allergies through support, advocacy, education, and research. One way we do that is by offering support through our KFA community.

Helping your child avoid the food they are allergic to is not always enough. Getting support is an important part of food allergy management. Support can help you prevent allergic reactions, navigate child care and school, find safe foods, and more.

Big hugs to everyone for all their support. Sometimes I get overwhelmed, and I am so thankful I can come here and talk to some parents who have been there and done that!

If you’re a current member of our KFA community, be sure to take advantage of everything we have to offer. If you’re not a KFA community member, consider joining. It’s free!


Here are some ways you can take part as a KFA community member:

  • Connect with other families managing food allergies on our moderated private support forums
  • Get updates from our blog:
  • Access nearly 1,500 community recipes through our Safe Eats® Allergy-Friendly Recipes collection
  • Learn about new allergy-friendly foods
  • Receive our monthly Strides enewsletter
  • Access to online courses and downloadable educational handouts
  • Opt in to learn about:
    • Being a part of important research
    • Opportunities to participate in surveys that evaluate the impacts of food allergies on quality of life
    • Potential research studies (including clinical trials) that you may qualify to join
  • Share your opinions and feedback with KFA

I have to say this is the first online forum I have ever been involved in where everyone is kind and supportive. I’ve never had a snarky comment on a question and always felt people here truly cared and wanted to help. It’s a fabulous resource and place of support that I am truly grateful for!

We hope you’ll take advantage of all our free KFA food allergy community has to offer. Join the KFA community today!

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