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“Sometimes the fear is overwhelming. It is a monumental task trying to navigate this life with so many restrictions. I have to teach my toddler that food that is healthy for most people is dangerous for him. I am finding it more difficult to hide my fear from him and to help him live his ‘normal’ life.” – Anonymous parent

Food allergies can be managed with the right resources and support. Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) is here to help families manage their fears and move to a place of confidence. 

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But food allergies can be scary without help. This year, our My Life With Food Allergy research showed how burdensome food allergies are on families.

“My daughter spent two years with severe food anxiety after an allergic reaction when she was 7 years old. She would have panic attacks after eating for fear of an allergic reaction, wouldn't eat anything but a whole food that was clearly one ingredient, and [it] got to where she wouldn’t leave the house.” – Anonymous parent

KFA provides a vital lifeline for families through support, advocacy, education and research. You are an important part of this mission.

“It is a very difficult issue, especially when dealing with multiple allergies, and those who have not lived it cannot truly understand it.” – Anonymous parent


Please take a moment to give a special end-of-year gift to support our mission to save lives and reduce the burden of food allergies.

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