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Sudden Breakout of Meat Allergies Linked to the Bite of a Tick

Lone Star Tick Causing Meat Allergies in Central Virginia

About 1,000 people have been affected by a meat allergy due to the Lone Star tick.  The allergy is also puzzling because it involves delayed hives that appear several hours after eating beef, pork or lamb.


What began as a medical mystery has now developed into a full-blown food allergy, as the effects of a series of mysterious tick bites are making doctors across Virginia scratch their heads.


People who are affected have found themselves totally unable to consume red meat.



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Additional research on this subject will show that this is happening in many states other than Virginia and that it has been happening for years.  What I find interesting is that none of the research ever states whether these patients have been tested and/or treated for lyme disease.


We are a family of four with chronic lyme disease.  We also have three family members with various food allergies including one with EE and one with all the symptoms of EE that cleared up after starting treatment for lyme disease.



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