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Butterfly Cake: Chocolate Wacky Cake (Egg and Dairy Free)

Butterfly Cake: Chocolate Wacky Cake (Egg and Dairy Free)
Chocolate wacky cake with chocolate ganache (dairy-free), strawberries and sanding sugars.

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You're welcome! This was very easy to make - and would be fun to "customize" with any sort of cake flavor and decorations you like. My kids really had a great time helping make the cake & do the decorations.

My daughter was so excited when I showed this to her, as they just learned all about butterflies in school.  Since the begginning of their butterfly project she has been obsessed and her birthday is right around the corner. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! The cake is super easy to make, and people are always amazed when they find out it's egg & dairy-free. We had a lot of fun making the "butterfly cake" - both kids helped with designing the strawberry pattern & then doing sanding sugar on top.

Chocolate wacky cake (egg & dairy-free) with chocolate ganache (dairy-free, used coconut milk and safe chocolate chips), strawberries, and clear and red sanding sugars.


Cake - 9 inch circle, cut in half and circle halves "flipped". Small diamond shapes cut out to make the "wings", then the diamonds placed in the center to become the butterfly's "body". This is what it looked like before frosting:

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