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Good Karma Dairy-Free French Onion, Ranch Dip and Sour Cream

We are sharing this information for your convenience. It is not an endorsement or a guarantee of the product's safety. Always read ingredient labels. Contact the manufacturer, if needed, to confirm the safety for your child.

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Manufacturer or Brand

Good Karma has a new sour cream and they're using it as a base for two new dips. These are free of top allergens and use coconut oil and pea protein as the main ingredients.

Flavors / Varieties

Sour Cream

Ranch Dip

French Onion Dip

Ingredients Free-From
Milk, Egg, Soy, Peanut, Tree Nuts (not including coconut), Wheat, Gluten, Fish, Shellfish

Coconut, pea

Facility Information

Contact company for information. 

Other Information
Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan
Milk, yogurt and cheese alternatives

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Could you check the company website's store locator? Some products on our FAllergy Friendly Food  are showcased at Expo West and will be available later in the year, while others are available now, but they may not be available nationwide at first.


DD - 18 corn and apple, peanut, oat and soy 

Me - Avoiding celery in processed foods after RXN to celery

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