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Share Your Stories

Share Your Stories

How to Share Your Stories and More With Kids With Food Allergies

Want to share your story about living with food allergies? We welcome you to participate on our community in any of these ways:

How to submit a blog post to Kids With Food Allergies:

We would love to read your stories about:

  • Your experiences living with and managing food allergies
  • Your new recipe ideas (you can also submit your recipe to our online database)
  • How you or your child advocated for change, which then improved the lives of others living with food allergies
  • How your child is a food allergy Rising Star

With parental permission, we welcome stories from kids and teens. Here’s one example: What a Middle Schooler Wants You to Know About Food Allergies

Read these guidelines before you send us a blog post:

  • We accept original posts that have not been previously published elsewhere.
  • Keep your posts between 500 to 1000 words.
  • KFA is a trustworthy site for health and medical information. If you include a medical reference or statistic to make a point, please include the citation so we can see the source.
  • We do not accept posts that make medical claims and/or include your opinion about health information. Our Medical Scientific Council reviews and/or writes the health information on our site.
  • We may edit your post for our editorial style and guidelines, readability, accuracy, length or more (but not tone or voice).
  • Proofread and edit before you hit send.
  • We encourage you to include a photo (without a watermark).
  • Add a short paragraph about yourself and a headshot, if you have one. We will link to your blog/website in your biography.
  • We may decide, after reading your submission, that we’d like to do something different with it, such as interviewing you or folding your submission into something else.
  • We will send you the link when the post is live so you can share it.
  • Our readers may post questions or comments regarding your post. The more you reply personally, the more people will want to read your future blogs with us.

For food bloggers:

  • Recipes must be allergy-friendly. Avoid as many top 8 allergens as you can.
  • Include up to four or five high-definition photographs. Be sure to use good lighting. If the photographs are poor quality or if you do not have any photographs, we may have one of our volunteers make the recipe and photograph it instead. We may watermark your image or add it to our promotional materials to help spread the word about your post.
  • It is okay to use brand name products and list them in the recipes. Keep in mind that we add a disclaimer that we do not endorse products nor guarantee their safety. But if an ingredient can use "any" brand, then it is okay to keep it generic (such as "gluten-free flour mix").

We want your guest blog post to be successful. For this reason, we require that your post be original content that is published only by Kids With Food Allergies. Search engines will penalize if content is duplicated on multiple sites. When you submit your story, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.