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My children cook with me this one is so easy  fun and takes very minimal time. It's a thicker pork chop. Usually I  buy a half pork loin and ask the butcher to slice it on the thicker side. I set them on a plastic cutting board add salt and pepper which I let my children pull up a chair and sprinkle on. Then we cover chops with cellophane overlapping the entire board and get out a meat mallet or for my two year old I let her use her build to grow hammer and lightly pound the chops. I say lightly because we don't want to destroy, just soften a bit. Then we get out the flour  and a spoon ( Any type of flour you prefer) and I jet her scoop flour  onto each chop on the cutting board. We spread it over them with the spoon to coat. Lift chops with fork or tongues and use leftover to coat the other side.  At this point her job is done. I heat olive oil in  a large frying pan. I put enough to cover about a 3rd of the pan. If it starts to smoke turn heat down. Place your porkchops in pan. Add  garlic. Cover with lid flip in about 4 mins. I usually check to see that we have a nice golden brown coating. Do the same for the other side.  I use my thermometer to check that reading is 150 degrees and allow chops to rest 5 minutes. If you want to add  a light glaze remove chops from pan to plate add 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar to pan with meat juice 1 tablespoon brown sugar and a tiny bit of mustard (optional) heat 1 minute while stirring , turn off take chops from plate and coat them in pan.  

-Baked apples pairs well with this

-golden potatoes sliced and cooked with onion in olive oil 

- Asparagus with garlic steamed, baked or fried with olive oil

-green salad/ fruit salad

If I share recipes, Im sure you will all find it repetitive that I really cook most everything in olive oil. I am Greek so it's what I know. It's healthy. And it has good flavor in itself. I do not use butter ever. 

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