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BooBoo's melt in your mouth Chuckroast and steam olive asparagus and squash! Image

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I wish I remembered to take a picture before we ate dinner. One of the easiest ever.

I slice onion and set in a bowl. 

Pat roast dry with paper towel

Place in roasting pan

Let the lil one do sprinkles (salt and pepper) and some garlic powder. Just watch 

Then I let her scoop flour and dump it on top spread out with spoon and then I flip n let her do the other side. And then hold the onion bowl so she can scoop onions out with a spoon. 

In the oven 2.5 hrs  covered or until meat is very tender. When you serve it should just come apart  without cutting or a fork will go right through without any tension.  almost all the fat will have Melted.

You can also add vegetables carrots, celery, potatoes, tomatoes, beans whatever you like

This works well in Crock-Pot as well if you just season coat and throw in with onions and  some olive oil leave it  while you're working! Come home to  a warm dinner  and a cozy smelling house or just accomplish whatever you need to get done for the day. 


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