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Chewy Cookie Footballs, free of the top 8 allergens (milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanut, tree nuts, fish and shellfish) Image

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I hope this will help explain why we share about our recipe collection.


KFA Family Memberships help support the work we do.  For the support and educational resources we offer, we do so freely.  We are a 501c3 nonprofit charity and we depend on donations and membership subscriptions to help fund the work we do.  Occasionally, we do promote recipes so that people will consider supporting our Foundation.  Our recipes collection is one of the only online benefits to our Family Membership.


Please keep in mind, that although Family Membership is a paid subscription, we offer scholarships (full waiver) to everyone who requests one.


We also have a collection of free recipes available on our website:

http://www.kidswithfoodallergi...allergy_recipes.html  (We share these on Facebook as well.)


This area of our community that we are currently on is our Clips area where registered members can share their creations (to be viewed publicly and can be shared on Facebook).  Meg had shared about these cookies on our support forums and shared her recipe in our Safe Eats collection-- we just re-posted the picture and "how-to" into the publicly-accessible Clips area to share the idea of how to make the football cookies.  Not all Clips posted in our clip sets will even have recipes attached to them as this area is more like a photo album.


For more information about Kids With Food Allergies Foundation's financials/funding, please visit: and you can download our 2010 Annual Report (2011 will be available soon).


The revenue generated from memberships helps us to fund our mission to educate families and offer support and practical information to help their children stay safe, healthy, and included in daily activities.  

In the future, our memberships and access to recipes on our website may change; but we have to have funding in place before we can make those changes.  Here is a message from KFA's President, Lynda Mitchell, regarding the Phase I changes we made to our website and how we hope to do more to increase our accessibility.

Thank you!

Kids With Food Allergies

Hi IngaAnne,

Currently our extensive recipe collection is available to KFA Family Members. The annual subscription is $25.


We also provide scholarship/waivers for any family who cannot afford the membership fee.

Visit: https://www.kidswithfoodallerg...ership_purchase.html

to subscribe to a KFA Family Membership or to find the link to request a scholarship/waiver.

Meg's Chewy Cookies are one of our top-rated recipes!


Thank you!


Kids With Food Allergies

These were created by Meg

Make Chewy Cookies recipe from KFA's recipes, and pat into a foil liked, greased cookie sheet-type baking pan (with sides). Bake at temp in recipe for 12 min and allow to cool completely. Gently slide foil from pan on to a flat surface. Using a biscuit cutter (or other round item, like a glass) cut circles of cookie. Try to place the cuts as close together as possible to get the maximum number of cookies. (How many you get will depend on how large your cutter is.) 

To make football shapes, go back and re-cut, placing SAME cutting instrument about 1/4-1/2" from top of circle. (Adjust as necessary, depending on how big your circle is.

To put seams/lacing on football, place 1/2 c. Decorator Icing in KFA's recipes into a zip-top bag. Snip off (at a 45* angle) 1/8" of the bag's bottom corner (the larger the cut, the thicker the line, so cut carefully). Pipe on two side seams, the seam across, and the laces.

Kids With Food Allergies
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