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Quality white chocolate is cocoa butter, cheaper white chocolate has lots of shortening or other fats in it to make up for the cocoa buter.  If the child has a true chocolate allergy, then white chocolate would not be a good option. The grated cheese could be coconut flakes if none of the children have a coconut allergy.  Does anyone know of a good resource for natural food dyes? My kids have an allergy to unknown food additives and I think food dyes might be a source.

The cake part is just a gluten free/nut & tree nut free mix.  Then I used another gluten (and etc) free cookie mix to bake cookies to even fill in the spaces between cupcakes.  Then I used Betty crocker vanilla frosting with red food coloring for the "sauce."  The pizza crust was marshmallow fondant (Kraft marshmallows and sugar) colored with a little yellow food coloring and some coco powder rubbed on to give it a real crusty look.  The "cheese" is grated white chocolate from Vermont Nut Free chocolates.  The pepperoni is cut up fruit leathers.  Yes, labor intensive.  But well worth it to see the smiles on the faces of my severely nut allergic son and his gluten-intolerant classmate (who rarely gets to eat the same food as the other kids).

Wow - what a fun idea!

Lynn - ANA loperamide (immodium); mom to:
Sam (7/2006) - breastfed 7/06 to 4/09; allergic to: egg, cow milk, tree nuts, sesame, fish, latex; IOFC to baked cheese, baked milk, peanut, selected tree nuts = pass.
Max (9/2009) - breastfed 9/09 to 1/12; Asthma; IOFC milk, egg, peanut, sunflower, tree nuts = pass

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How fun! I love fake savory cakes

Kandi in Central Kentucky


Kandi ~ Allergic to Zithromax. RAD. Allergy shots, singulair, allegra. Interstitial Cystitis- Elmiron
DH Alpha-gal allergy
DS (19) Egg, Omnicef. Asthma. Outgrown milk, fish.
DD (16) Outgrown ALL FA's!! Omnicef. Asthma. Singulair, Xoponex PRN. Outgrown milk, egg, apple, pineapple, corn.

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