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Layered - yes. I inverted the batter bowl cake and placed on the round layer, then cut the round layer to the size of the batter bowl. The doll was taller than I expected. I probably should have added another round pan layer. I cut the hole with a very long knife LOL.I just pushed it in 4 times so it was more of a square cut, but it worked just fine. Elsa came from Target. I ordered it online as our local target and walmart seemed to constantly be out. Have fun baking! 


I have been dying to make a doll cake with my batter bowl, I have the big and the small one. BUT I only have a boy! LOL I am going to try to find a friend with a little girl so I can make one. What do you mean by a round cake pan cut to size? Was that for the bottom also how did you cut the hole for the doll oh and one more, where did you get Elsa?

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