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Kathy in N. CA - Sr Director of Community

- Gluten intolerant, dairy and eggs; EA's, asthma and eczema; retired Scout leader, cake decorator, and compulsive volunteer!

Alyssa '97 - Pistachio, mung beans, OAS, EA's, eczema, asthma; outgrew corn, cocoa, dairy, egg, grape; TKD Black Belt graphic designer wielding a camera!

Tom '99 - NKFA; EA's, chronic sinusitis with PANDAS, asthma; outgrew same as sis plus tomato, wheat, soy, citrus; Sensory issues; Grad school gamer who would love to explain chemical compounds and discuss philosophy!

Learn the basics of food allergy management with KFA's online course - Enroll Today!

Kids With Food Allergies
A Division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
1235 South Clark Street Suite 305, Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 1-800-7-ASTHMA (1.800.727.8462)
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