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Nicely done on the bright colors and good call on the Oreos!

Star:  Multiple food allergies, Latex, OAS, EAs/SAs/DAs, Asthma, Nasal Polyps
DS (12) Outgrown Rice, Soy, Peas, Lentils, barley and Peanuts!  Underwent medically supervised milk desensitization (oral immunotherapy--OIT) from Jan 2015 to June 2015, passed milk challenge June 2015!   Underwent medically supervised wheat desensitization July 2015 to Sept 2015. Passed wheat challenge September 2015!  Completed egg OIT 2016!  

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Questions about Food Allergy Testing? See Food Allergy Testing--What Does It MeanWant to learn more about reading labels?  Check out these KFA articlesProduct Safety and Labeling.

Love it - great job on the fondant

Kandi in Central Kentucky


Kandi ~ Allergic to Zithromax. RAD. Allergy shots, singulair, allegra. Interstitial Cystitis- Elmiron
DH Alpha-gal allergy
DS (19) Egg, Omnicef. Asthma. Outgrown milk, fish.
DD (16) Outgrown ALL FA's!! Omnicef. Asthma. Singulair, Xoponex PRN. Outgrown milk, egg, apple, pineapple, corn.

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