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josephine posted:

Wow! It looks fantastic! I'm guessing it has egg?  I really want to try to make one but haven't found a recipe that sounds good without egg.  Sending hugs your way.

Have you tried aquafaba yet? It's the juice from cooked chickpeas/garbanzo beans. I've made a meringue pie with it and it turned out well. There are tons of recipes online for using it as an egg and egg white replacer. Here's a blog post from KFA: https://community.kidswithfood...-that-will-shock-you


Yep, Kandi -- I made it before church on Sunday for DH's early birthday meal. He decided he wanted a pie after having the German Chocolate cake (not pictured to protect the clumsy cake decorators!). So it needed to cool in a safe place. 

And of course Mr. I'm-on-a-diet-and-I-don't-eat-many-sweets sneaked back in after lunch and ate a HALF A PIE all by himself. Yikes!

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