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Magic Hat Cake: Dairy-Free, Egg-Free Image

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The base is 2 - 9x13 cakes (trimmed on the edges).  I used dowels between that and the hat.  The hat is 4 - 9" round wacky cakes with dowels that support the brim and bunny.  the brim is 2 frosted cake boards.  The bunny is homemade marshmallow fondant.  In between the layers is homemade frosting with crushed birthday cake oreos mixed in.  This is only my second time making a 3D cake so it's far from perfect, but I tried to cover up the mistakes the best I could.  I misjudged the size of the dowels under the brim so they stuck up too high.  I improvised by adding a layer of whole oreos over the whole top of the cake.    Since I didn't have to transport it anywhere, this actually worked out great.  When it was time to serve, the brim and bunny came off easily w/o taking away the frosting.  The bunny just sits right on top the brim.  I didn't cut a hole. If I did it again though, I'd probably try to do it with the hole as I think it would look more realistic.  If you have to transport it, the brim and bunny would need to be secured probably.  The red "ribbon" was cut from a sugar sheet.  The cards are his age.  I also added oversized coins and a wand to the cake board....can't see it in the picture though.  Another obstacle I had was covering it once it was finished.  I would've used an upside down, big storage bin, but forgot to buy one and I wasn't finished until about midnight.  I improvised again by pushing the table that was holding the cake up against the wall.  I then taped saran wrap to the wall and table completely covering it.  

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