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Super cute!


For dairy and nut free chocolate you can use Enjoy Life Choco Chips or chunks.

Kandi in Central Kentucky


Kandi ~ Allergic to Zithromax. RAD. Allergy shots, singulair, allegra. Interstitial Cystitis- Elmiron
DH Alpha-gal allergy
DS (19) Egg, Omnicef. Asthma. Outgrown milk, fish.
DD (16) Outgrown ALL FA's!! Omnicef. Asthma. Singulair, Xoponex PRN. Outgrown milk, egg, apple, pineapple, corn.

I don't know how they compare to "candy melts", but I frequently use Enjoy Life chocolates for things like this.

Lynn - ANA loperamide (immodium); mom to:
Sam (7/2006) - breastfed 7/06 to 4/09; allergic to: egg, cow milk, tree nuts, sesame, fish, latex; IOFC to baked cheese, baked milk, peanut, selected tree nuts = pass.
Max (9/2009) - breastfed 9/09 to 1/12; Asthma; IOFC milk, egg, peanut, sunflower, tree nuts = pass

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I used the non-decorartive end of a cake tip and cut a curved edge out of a candy melt so that it fits nicely on the cake ball. has GREAT candy melts that are free of peanut, tree nut, egg and more. I need to adjust the title. These are NOT dairy free. Sorry for the misinformation. The cake inside is dairy free, but the chocolate it is dipped in is not.


Has anyone found dairy free candy melts that are also nut free?


Mother of a beautiful PA and TNA daughter

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