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Cookies are tricky bc many tend to be underbaked to keep them soft.  I'm not sure why meatballs wouldn't be if they were baked/cooked long enough.  Definitely jump in the conversation over there.  I remember someone else asking about savory egg dishes.  I think it may have been a separate thread though.  I'll flag it for you if I stumble on it!

Thanks Kathy!  I took a quick peek at it last night.  After reading some of the comments, I'm not sure that the cookies that we made actually met the baked egg standards.  I only baked them for about 15 minutes.  They were small, so maybe that allowed the temp to rise enough? I guess she was ok eating them, so I shouldn't worry too much.  Our doctor said 'baked goods, cookies or cakes - not quiches, where the egg was mixed with wheat'. She said that waffles were ok but not pancakes or meatballs (I was really hoping for a 'meal' type baked egg recipe).   I'll read through it more tonight and post a thread there if I have more questions.  Thanks so much for your help!
We are doing pretty good!   I was excited that the baked egg challenge went well.   My son and I made oatmeal raisin cookies with soy butter and she loved them.  I need to think of some healthier baked goods with egg to have around the house. I am the worst baker, but I'm hoping that this will get me motivated.  I have to check out the recipe section!
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