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17% of Children With Food Allergies May Have a Sesame Allergy

KFA News Team ·
Investigators at the National Institutes of Health have found that sesame allergy is common among children with other food allergies, occurring in an estimated 17% of this population. In addition, the scientists have found that sesame antibody testing—whose utility has been controversial—accurately predicts whether a child with food allergy is allergic to sesame. The research was published on Oct. 28 in the journal Pediatric Allergy and Immunology.
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Peanut Allergy Prevention: New Guidelines for Early Introduction

KFA Medical Advisors ·
For years, guidelines told us that parents and pediatricians should delay giving peanut-containing foods to children until after age three. However, all of our best evidence now shows that early introduction of peanut-containing foods is associated with less peanut allergy.
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New NIH Video Helps Explain Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis

Kids With Food Allergies ·
The National Institutes of Health (NIAID) has developed a three-minute video animation that shows how the immune system responds to a food allergen and what you should do to avoid potential exposures.
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