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Re: Pink Lady

Kathy P ·
Very cool! Looks like she stepped out of a 50's movie! Thanks for joining the parade!

Re: Important News About Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

Esther Mallon ·
well im just finding out that my two youngest one s has got a milk and peach allery and one of them also have asthsm too and I don't even have a pen in the house at all wht do I doi also have a food allergy to and we can afford one either and I ask my insurance they don't knw if they cover it

Re: The Perfect Allergy-Friendly Cake and Raspberry Compote Recipe (with Video)

Melanie Carver ·
Hi Pedro, Thank you for your input. We are actively asking for our constituents' opinions about our recipe database and how we can improve what we offer for families with food allergies. Here is a link to the survey if anyone is interested in helping guide the updates we plan to make this year: Here is the link to our recipe collection: You will find more than just cake and desserts there. Thank you, --...

Re: Nemo Birthday Book Cake

kandicejo ·
Hi crowsnest! I'm not sure which recipe this member used, but we you can check out the Safe Eats Recipe Database . You can search for "Free of" recipes and select which allergen/s you avoid - Egg Free Cakes . My favorite is Wacky Cake which does use baking soda and vinegar. Is there a particular cake you're trying to recreate?
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