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Tree Nut (Cashews and Almonds) Allergy Alert - Holiday Crowd Pleaser Nutty Choco Pop

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Funky Chunky, Llc Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Almond and Cashew Tree-Nut in 10 Oz. Nutty Choco Pop Found in Chocolate Popcorn Gift Box, Holiday Crowd Pleaser and Crowd Pleaser Gifts For Immediate Release December 20, 2018 Contact Consumers Funky Chunky, LLC (952)-938-6663 Announcement Funky Chunky, LLC of Eden Prairie, MN is recalling 10 oz Nutty Choco Pop Gift Box, 50 oz. Holiday Crowd Pleaser and 50 oz. Crowd Pleaser, because it may contain undeclared Almond and Cashew Tree Nut.
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