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Re: My Little Destroyer

Peiti Choi ·
My little space explorer (aka space destroyer) is allergic to 7 known foods - dairy, soy, eggs, peas, peanuts, beef and pork, along with environmental allergy. He's only 2-1/2 so his understanding of his allergies is none. I'm sure it would be a learning curve is the next few years.

Re: Kolbyn

Courtney Beerman ·
He is allergic to; Cow’s milk,Egg ,Tree nuts, coconut, Sesame, Peanut ,Maple Sugar, Waterchestnut, Watergrass, Squash, NavyBean, Alfalfa, Honeydew, Tumeric, Poppy seed, Mustard, Ginger, Vanilla, Brown Rice, Psyllium seed, Flaxseed, Apricot, Cranberry, Cucumber, Mushroom, Malt, Lamb, BEEF, wheat, gluten, barely,breyers yeast, malt, green beans.

Re: Diamondique Monae' Brooks

Vondgr ·
She is 6 years old and allergic to fish/shellfish, eggs, milk, all dairy, beef, & tomatoes. but she is so strong! and so aware of it all and willing to try new ways of eating. I love her so much!

Re: Gibson

Seaofdreaming ·
Gibson was just diagnosed with a number of food allergies to include dairy, beef, wheat, eggs, and peanuts. Trying to coome up with a diet that meets his needs as well as his swallowing issues is a difficult process. Thank goodness for fruits and veggies!
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