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May 8-14, 2016 is Food Allergy Awareness Week!

We know that the realities of living with food allergies are 24/7, year-round. This time of year always presents a special opportunity to educate others. Here are 15 ways to raise awareness and teach others about living with food allergies:

1) Add your child’s photo to KFA's annual Faces of Food Allergies photo-sharing event. We had close to 1,000 photos shared last year. Can we top that this year? Each day you have a chance to win a great prize or our grand prize package.

2) Offer inspiration, support, understanding and hope to someone whose child is newly diagnosed. Send invitations to join KFA's online community.

3) Add awareness ribbons and/or proud supporter badges to your blog or website. Or set them as your social media profile pictures. Add the link to our website:

Find more options on our Food Allergy Awareness Social Media Tools page.

4) Honor your child with a donation to KFA, supporting our efforts to improve the everyday lives of families managing food allergies, so we can create more educational resources for a safer world.

5) Share resources from our recently redesigned website! Consider sharing What’s the Big Deal About Food Allergies with your child’s school leadership and staff, or the nursery at your house of worship.  We also have shareable awareness images to help you spread awareness about food allergies.

6) Suggest one of our archived webinars to someone new to the world of food allergies, like Everything You Need to Know About Epinephrine.

7) Sign up for KFA's e-newsletters for news, recipes, food ideas and event announcements.

8) Share your family’s favorite food allergy recipe to our Safe Eats™ recipe collection.

9) Train a new summer babysitter with our Babysitter and Caregiver guide.

10) Talk to your teen. Make sure your teen's friends know what to do in an emergency – ask your teen if they know how to inject in an emergency. Take a few moments to review anaphylaxis and practice with epinephrine trainers.

11) Follow KFA on social media – we share the latest news and medically reviewed resources all year long. Throughout May, we will share infographics, quick facts and videos that you can share with your friends.

12) Save and upload one of our Facebook covers with awareness messages to your own timeline.

13) Stay informed about legislative developments regarding food allergies - join our Advocacy Network.

14) Pay it forward: Donate allergy-friendly foods to a food pantry of your choice – give items like peanut-free soy or sunflower butter, gluten-free crackers, and shelf-stable non-dairy milks.


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I actually got certified as a food allergy coach and have started a community awareness support group on social media and I am already implementing awareness sessions at schools (which I believe is the perfect place to start).

there are no epi pens in Jordan! I am also trying to find a way to bring them in ..

any kind of support is welcomed and appreciated  

together we are stronger !!


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