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While May 11-17 is Food Allergy Awareness Week, a child with food allergies must be food allergy aware every single day.

During this week dedicated to raising awareness of food allergies, please help us continue to change lives. Thanks to your support of Kids With Food Allergies (KFA), families learn how to handle difficult situations and keep their children safe and healthy. The story below shows the many ways your donations touch families.

We had gone out to eat to a restaurant we've been to many times before and during dessert, my 6 year old, Mya, told me she thought she was going to throw up. I grabbed her and headed for the bathroom. Thank goodness I had just seen a KFA webinar about epinephrine and knew when to give Mya the epinephrine auto-injector. We called 911 and had her transported via ambulance. We're so careful - we still don't understand exactly what happened.

My daughter is having a VERY hard time since all this happened. It was not her first reaction, but I believe it is the first time she realized her own mortality. Mya barely eats anything and worries about EVERYTHING!

The hardest thing is that she has lost faith in those of us who are supposed to keep her safe and she questions everything. It used to be she would ask me if something was safe and if I told her yes, she was fine. Now she doesn't believe me and it breaks my heart.

I know one of the best things I can do for my daughter is to stay educated about food allergies. That's why I need KFA - I take all their webinars and use the website constantly whether searching for new recipes or looking at the latest blog posts. The knowledge I'm gaining helps me make our family life less stressful and importantly, I am able to start teaching Mya how to care for herself.


When Mya's mom posted this story on the KFA forums, volunteers and members responded quickly with support for Mya's family and suggestions for concrete actions Mya's parents could take to help their daughter. As Mya's family struggled to get her back on a nutritionally balanced diet, they found the KFA recipe database invaluable. Thanks to donors like you, we have many resources and Mya's mom continues to make full use of them.



Can we rely on your help to ensure all families have the education to know how to keep their children safe and healthy? Until a cure is found, we provide the practical support that gets families through each day.

Any gift you give will save lives.  We thank you on behalf of all the families we serve.


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