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Kids With Food Allergies, a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, has many free resources for parents, schools, teachers and staff to use to prepare for the upcoming school year and keep students with food allergies safe.
Archived Webinars

Preparing for School with Food Allergies and Asthma (July 2014)
David Stukus, MD, Director of the Specialty Asthma Clinic, Nationwide Children's Hospital, and Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, of - Co-chairs of KFA's Medical Advisory Team answers common questions about preparing to send your child to school and how your allergist can help with back to school planning.

504 Plans and IHCPs (January 2014)
Laurel Francouer, JD presented the different options available for school health plans for students with food allergies, reviewed federal laws and definitions, and explained students' rights.

Food Allergy in School Part 1: Overview (July 2012)
Dr. Michael Pistiner provides practical tips for managing food allergies in school settings.

Food Allergy in School Part 2: Ask the Experts (August 2012)
A panel of six experts (allergists and school nurses) from around the U.S. answered questions submitted by attendees. Topics covered included school staff training, where epinephrine should be located, cafeteria concerns, partnering with your school and more.

Nutrition and Food Safety for Allergic Students (August 2013)
School nutrition expert, author and speaker Dayle Hayes, MS, RD and KFA Nutrition Advisor Debra Indorato, RDN, discuss school meal regulations for students with food allergies; current thinking about food allergies in schools; the importance of establishing relationships with school food service directors, and more.

Partnering with Your School Nurse (July 2013)
Dr. Michael Pistiner of, and Sally Schoessler of the National Association of School Nurses, provide tips on how to work with your school nurse to set up a plan to keep your food-allergic child safe at school.

Articles and Blogs

Epinephrine Auto-Injectors Available with a Prescription in the United States
Learn about the four options available in the US, and things you should know before you get your prescription filled for school (including discounts).

504 Plans, IHCPs, ECPs: Food Allergy School Health Care Plans
What are 504 plans, IHCPs and ECPs? What are the laws that address the needs of students with food allergy in schools?

Getting Your Child Off to a New School Safely
Advance planning and a positive relationship are the keys to success in sending your child off to a new school. Find out how you can plan and what you can do to give the school to set your child up for a successful school year.

How to Foster a Good Relationship with Your Child's School
Learning to choose your battles wisely and collaborate withβ€”instead of confrontβ€”your child's school will help you obtain positive outcomes when issues of divisiveness surface.

Bullying of Children with Food Allergies - How You Can Help
Together we need to advocate to prevent, and swiftly deal with bullying of our children. Find out ways you can be proactive in dealing with bullying.

Free Downloads and Other Resources

Sample Section 504 Plans

A Section 504 Plan provides guidelines for changes in the classroom and other locations to provide a safe education.  See four examples of existing Section 504 plans for students with food allergies.

Potential Food Allergens in School Crafts and Activities 
Unexpected places you can encounter common food allergens, along with alternatives and precautions that can be used.

What's the Big Deal about Food Allergies?
New handout that you can print and distribute to answer common questions about food allergies for people who do not live with food allergies.



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