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(Resources mentioned in this video are available below.)

Get inspired on how to celebrate birthdays despite dietary restrictions! As parents, we want our children to have the very best birthdays, and it is possible to throw wonderful parties without certain foods.

Our guest speaker Yael Weinstein, MA, is a mother of a child with food allergies. Yael has given presentations on ways to celebrate holidays with food allergies and feeding tubes. She has also created various booklets on how to celebrate holidays for Kids With Food Allergies Foundation.

Dr. Megan Edison, who is a pediatrician on KFA's medical advisory team and is also a mother of children with food allergies, was our physician representative. She blogs about her food allergy cooking adventures at Speedbump Kitchen.

We thank Yael and Dr. Meg for their time and for sharing their tips to help us celebrate with our families!

This free online class was presented by Kids With Food Allergies Foundation (KFA) as part of our educational outreach program and was made possible by EleCare.

We have many resources to help you with your allergy-friendly baking journeys and ideas for celebrations:

Cake Week

Allergy-friendly baking experts such as authors Linda Coss and Colette Martin, Kathy P and Laura G of KFA's food & cooking team, Speedbump Kitchen, and others shared how-to instructions, recipes, photos and more for a week of celebrations. Recipes vary for allergens avoided, and few-ingredient and no-ingredient cakes were also shared.

Baking Allergy-Free Video (archived webinar)

Food allergy cookbook author Colette Martin hosted a 101 baking class that we recorded for your convenience.  Additionally, she answered dozens of questions after the class that you can find here: Baking Without Allergens - Your Questions Answered. These are great resources that you don't want to miss!


Show Us Your Cakes (photo gallery on KFA)

Our members are incredibly talented. You can find hundreds of examples of allergy-friendly cakes in this photo gallery. You can post questions to ask for help, ask for the recipes, congratulate parents, and post your successes (and funny failures) as well!

Kathy P's Wacky Cake Recipe

This is KFA's most popular recipe! It is very versatile and can be made free of most allergens. If you have any questions about this recipe (or any others), feel free to post on our Food & Cooking support forums!  You can get personalized help from Kathy P and other great team members, or from other talented KFA members.

KFA's Allergy-Friendly Recipes

For subscribing KFA Family Members, we have a collection of over 1,300 Safe Eats recipes. We also over over 50 free recipes, including several cakes and frostings.

Cake Disasters

Don't be afraid of a cake disaster! In addition to Dr. Meg's suggestion to take your "bad" cakes and turn them into an ice cream flavoring, you can also make Cake Pops. Crumble up the cake and mix it with frosting. Roll it into balls and put them on lollipop sticks.  


The sky is the limit and food allergies don't have to hamper your celebrations!

Join our community to follow our blog for the latest new food finds and allergy-friendly recipes.


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