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Read Candy Labels to Keep Your Sweetheart Safe

Around Valentine's Day, others may offer candy or treats to your child with food allergies. Make sure your child knows not to accept or eat any candy unless a parent or trusted adult has verified that it is safe to eat. Many candies look similar but can have different ingredients and advisory warnings. Many smaller candies are sold in larger packages and do not have an ingredient label on the individual pieces. Remind your child to not eat any candy until you can carefully check the...

5 Tips to Avoid Food Allergy Reactions During the Holidays

Holidays are a great time to spend with friends and family. Food-focused holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Chinese New Year and other winter holiday celebrations, can create added stress for parents of children with food allergies. Try some of these ideas to take the precautions to avoid food allergy reactions during family meals and parties.

2018 Allergy-Friendly Halloween Candy Guide

The scary part of Halloween should be witches and ghosts, not the candy. Food-centered holidays can be stressful when managing food allergies. With planning, your family can still safely enjoy Halloween. Here are some top-8 free Halloween candy ideas. These candies are free of peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, egg, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish.

Allergy-Friendly Frozen Treats for Hot Summer Days

Ahh, summer. The sun is shining, the kids are out of school, and things just seem a little less hectic. When you think back to your own childhood summers, chances are delicious frozen desserts play a part in your memories. Why? Because after swimming, riding bikes, hanging out with friends or finding other ways to enjoy fun in the sun, there’s just nothing like a delicious frozen treat to cool you down. When the temperature goes up, it’s time to explore the Kids With Food Allergies’ Safe...

New Food Find: Nestle Toll House Simply Delicious Morsels

NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE announced the launch of Simply Delicious Morsels. Simply Delicious Morsels by NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE ® are made with only cocoa butter, pure cane sugar and 100% real chocolate and are free from the eight major food allergens . They are also free of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. Simply Delicious Morsels will be on shelves nationwide in June and in two varieties – Semi-Sweet and 67% Dark Chocolate – with a suggested retail price of $4.99. The announcement also...

Celebrate Your Favorite Allergy-Friendly Cooks on Mother's Day

Moms, grandmas and aunts all love making their favorite kids, who just happen to have food allergies, safe meals and treats. Show them how much that means with the perfect gift on Mother’s Day, which is also the first day of Food Allergy Awareness Week . Safe Eats® Desserts Cookbook Give them this spiral-bound collection of allergy-friendly dessert recipes . Each one of the 32 recipes is vegan and free of cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. Some are also free of wheat and gluten. These...

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