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Nutrition is an important part of your child’s health. But if your child has food allergies – especially multiple food allergies – you may need to pay special attention to how they get their nutrients.

A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) who is familiar with food allergies may be able to help you create a balanced diet plan for your child.

If you think your child isn’t getting the nutrition they need after being diagnosed with food allergies, meeting with an RDN may be the next step. Kids with Food Allergies (KFA) has a resource with more information on finding, choosing, and working with an RDN.

Visit our webpage on how an RDN can help with food allergy management. We cover:

  • The difference between an RDN and a nutritionist
  • How an RDN will help you with your child’s nutrition
  • How to find an RDN
  • How to choose an RDN who specializes in food allergies

You don’t have to manage your child’s food allergies alone. KFA provides educational information, food allergy news, a collection of nearly 1,500 Safe Eats® recipes, and new allergy-friendly food alerts. We also have discussion forums where you can talk with other parents and caregivers managing food allergies in a safe, encouraging environment.


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