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Ways to Celebrate Easter During the Coronavirus


Community egg hunts, gatherings with family and friends, and faith-based services can be a big part of Easter celebrations. But because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) this year, many people will be celebrating at home with the immediate members of your household to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

Easter can still be fun and safe for kids with food allergies with some creativity. Here are some ideas to help you make the holiday memorable for your family.

Order Allergy-Friendly Easter Basket Treats and Toys Online

You can order many allergy-friendly treats, like chocolate eggs and bunnies, online. Check out our 2020 Easter Candy Guide to find safe candies and chocolates. Our guide tells you how to find Easter candy in our Allergy-Friendly Foods collection. You’ll find information about each candy, as well as links to the manufactures’ websites. Many companies have online ordering available. Keep in mind that some companies may have slower shipping or have closed temporarily.

Also, consider stuffing your child’s basket with non-food treats, like stickers, small toys, etc. Since Amazon is restricting many of their shipments right now, consider other online sites. Try online shops like Etsy for unique handmade items. Or check with local vendors and boutique shops in your area. Many of them may be selling items you can choose online and get through no-contact pickup or delivery, depending on your area's stay-at-home orders. Pharmacies near you may stock a small selection of toys too. 

Make Your Own Safe Easter Treats

If traditional Easter candies and sweets are not available, shop your pantry for ingredients you have on hand. Here are some of our favorites from our Safe Eats® recipe collection for delicious treats:


Get Creative With Your Holiday Menu

Every family has their favorite holiday dishes. With limited grocery shopping trips and sometimes empty shelves, you may not be able to find all the ingredients you need. With some creativity, your family can still have a delicious and special meal. Here are some ideas:

  • Substitutions and swaps - If you can't find an ingredient that you need for a recipe, look for ways to substitute or swap with something available. For instance, if your recipe calls for eggs, there are many ways to substitute for eggs in a recipe. There are also ways to substitute for milk that might work for your family.
  • Look for a similar recipe - Look for recipes similar to what you usually make but without the ingredient you can't find.
  • Try something different - Our Safe Eats® recipe collection has many recipes that have been developed to be free from allergens and use limited ingredients.

Some of our favorites recipes:

Biscuits free from milk, egg and gluten cut out in spring shapes

Celebrate With Crafts and Activities

The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafts and activities you can do as a family to celebrate the season.

Decorate paper eggs. Draw egg shapes on paper or cardstock. Grab the craft supplies and let everyone decorate their own special eggs. Display them in your home or use them as place cards for dinner. Tape them to a skewer or straw and use them to make a bouquet.

Fun Ways to Decorate Egg Shapes

  • Decoupage with stickers, newspaper, tissue paper or photos
  • Color with markers or crayons
  • Use stencils or stamps
  • Coat with glue and cover with twine or yarn
  • Cover with glue and glitter
  • Use washi tape or stickers

Make your own “Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny” game. Print or draw a picture of a rabbit and tape to a wall or door. Make tails using cotton balls and tape.

If you have plastic eggs, fill them with small items you have on hand like pennies or stickers. If you don't have eggs to hide, stage an Easter-themed scavenger hunt around your house or yard instead.

Share your thoughts about how you will adapt your Easter celebration this year through our survey.

Our food allergy community is ready to support you with ideas, cooking help and encouragement. If you need support, help or just someone to talk to, our online support forums are open 24/7.


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