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A family of a girl allergic to peanuts says a sandwich chain was negligent in making a grilled cheese sandwich, the Boston Globe reported Monday.

The family sued Panera and a group of Panera franchises in New England.

The little girl went to the hospital in the incident. A picture from the family shows a large dollop of peanut butter in the middle of the grilled cheese sandwich.

Attorneys Mary Vargas and Laurel Francoeur filed the lawsuit last week in Massachusetts.

According to the lawsuit, a similar incident happened at a nearby Panera in another town. That child also suffered a serious allergic reaction, requiring a trip to the hospital. That family is not a party to the lawsuit, according to the newspaper.

Along with attorney Homa Woodrum, Vargas and Francoeur run the blog Allergy Law Project (ALP).

ALP wrote last year that Vargas sued Panera in New York over the treatment of a worker who alleged discrimination on the basis of his peanut allergy.

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