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WHEN: Tuesday, July 26, 2016

TIME: 7pm – 8pm ET / 4pm - 5pm PT

WHERE: KFA's Online Chat Event 

Join Kids With Food Allergies for an Ask Me Anything About Back-to-School with Food Allergies chat. The text-based chat will be hosted on our community on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 7pm ET/4pm PT. Join KFA’s exclusive online community to participate in the chat.

One chat participant will be chosen at random to receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Attorney, author and food allergy advocate Laurel Francoeur, JD, will be our featured chat “speaker."

The chat will cover questions, tips and tricks about back-to-school issues like

Free Back-to-School Resources

Visit our School Planning Zone for our collection of free resources for families and school staff. KFA's resources can help you manage food allergies in the school setting.

You can submit your questions in advance by commenting on this blog post. We will address as many questions and share as many resources as we can during the chat. The information in this chat is not intended as medical or legal advice.

About Our Speaker

Laurel Francoeur graduated from Suffolk Law School. She founded Francoeur Allergy Law, an online source for food allergy tools. Francoeur has drafted food allergy legislation in Massachusetts, where she is based. That legislation now gives students easier access to life-saving medication. She has also testified at the state and federal level about food allergy issues. Francoeur wrote the book How to Advocate for Your Food Allergic Child: A Manual for Getting What Your Child Needs at School. She is the co-author of the Preschool Food Allergy Handbook.

Join our community to participate in this exclusive chat. Our community provides an opportunity to share peer support with others who manage food allergies.


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1. Are there any laws regarding inclusion that I can reference when my child's school repeatedly tries to schedule food-centric activities that by their very nature exclude my food allergic child?  We have a 504 for her which provides her with a food-free classroom, but there are many cases where several classrooms come together to do these food-centric activities, and this is when the problems arise.   Is there a certain part of the ADA I could refer them to?

2. What exactly is 'inclusion'?  I have been given the option of my daughter 'watching' the activity all the other children were doing and learning that way, which I reject as inclusion.  Another weird one was the making of gingerbread houses using cookies and candy by all children except mine. It was suggested to me that my daughter use cardboard.  I rejected these things, but had nothing to base it on other than saying it was not inclusion in my eyes - but what IS inclusion? Does the ADA state that?  When I argued against these things initially, the principle gave me the analogy of a person with no mobility not being able to take gym class but not expecting the rest of the school to give up gym class. There must be part of ADA which doesn't accept this right? It is not the same.

3.  Part of our issue is not having ANY written food policy for our school district. I need to try to include everything in my daughter's 504, and that doesn't work out well when other classes come together for an activity.   What is the best way to try to get a food allergy policy enacted for a district?  Are their model policies available I could take the the superintendent? 


Question 1: 

Are parents legally entitled to be at the evaluation meeting for the initial 504? Do they have a right to speak or add input beyond the documentation they provide?

Question 2:

If the school or school system declares your child NOT eligible for a 504, what appeals rights do you have?



  • At what grade can you have a 504 plan / IEP?  
    • Can you only have one starting in Kindergarten?
  • Does it matter how the school is funded?
    • i.e. are certain 'types' of school covered by Section 504 vs. others?
Katie D


With food allergies and an epi pen, with unknown reactions, when do you do a 504 versus an individual health plan? 

Almost everyone on here seems to swear by the 504 and some say that's not enough.

Im quite confused. I am a teacher and I pay attention to all health notes.

I know 504 plans have legal teeth, but what exactly does that mean in terms of reality? I know the only thing we all want to do is keep our kids safe.

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