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Top 4 Social Trends in Food Allergies in 2015

Food Allergy Awareness:

On Twitter: For the first time ever, a sitting U.S. President sent a message during Food Allergy Awareness Week. We shared President Barack Obama's message on Twitter:

On Instagram:  It takes a village to keep kids with food allergies safe.

Precautions Are Necessary for Our Children's Safety:

On Facebook: We shared your top contributions to our survey, "What Do You Wish People Understood About Food Allergies?"


On Facebook: Sometimes memes are helpful tools to educate family and friends on how to help keep our children safe.


On Facebook: #KeepItTeal for Halloween encouraged non-food treats for a more inclusive celebration. For a year round list, check out the ideas and handout in our school planning section.


Why Is There a Rise in Food Allergies and How Can We Prevent It?:

On Our Blog: This important study has doctors re-thinking food introductions for infants who are at high risk for developing peanut allergies:

Landmark Study May Change How We Feed Peanut Butter To Infants

On YouTube: Dr. Todd Green, one of our medical advisors, gave one of our most popular webinars of the year, Preventing Food Allergies:

Finding Safe Foods:

On Our Blog: When someone realized that the leftover juice from cooked chickpeas, which they named aquafaba, acted like egg whites, it broke the internet! This sparked chefs and homemakers alike to experiment with new recipes and ways to replace eggs. We also learned that the juice from other beans would work as well.

The Egg-Free Vegan Meringue Recipe That Will Shock You

On Our Blog: We all want to be able to surprise our kids with safe treats. Finding allergy-friendly candies can be a challenge, but our round-up of safe candies can make it easier.

Allergy-Friendly Easter Candy Guide for 2015

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