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Kids With Food Allergies (KFA), a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, hosted a free educational webinar, “Can Parents Prevent Their Babies From Developing Food Allergies,” on January 13, 2015. It featured pediatric allergist Todd Green, MD, FAAAI.

Dr. Green covered issues such as:

  • Should pregnant women avoid certain foods during pregnancy?
  • How do you know if an infant is at high-risk of developing food allergies?
  • When and how should you introduce solid foods to a high-risk infant?
  • What formulas are recommended for infants who are not breastfed?
  • When should you see an allergist?
  • Why have the food/diet recommendations changed?
  • Can food allergies be prevented?
  • Why food allergies shouldn't be blamed on mothers


The video presentation is below, as well as related resources.


Feeding Allergenic Foods to Babies and Nursing or Pregnant Moms

Using a Food Diary to Help Sort Food Allergies Out

Food Allergy Testing - What You Need to Know (Video & Resources)

What You Need To Know About Diagnostic Allergy Testing


Connect with other parents learning to cope and grow with the same issues as your family:

Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Discuss topics such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, formula-feeding, introducing foods and more.

Food & Cooking Support

Need food or recipe ideas? Looking for new allergy-friendly foods? This is the place for you.



Research, advocacy and educational resources. AAFA is the nation's oldest and largest nonprofit for allergic diseases.
Educational resources, free webinars, videos, support, recipes and more. KFA is a division of AAFA.

KFA’s Medical Advisor Blog

Educational materials about food allergies and related allergic diseases.


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You can help ensure our webinar series continues to be accessible to all families free of charge. You enable us to give families the information they need and assure them that they are not alone in their journey. Please give generously!


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