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Keep the holidays happy this season! Educate your loved ones about your child's food allergies before holiday events to help keep them safe and happy. Today more than 6-million kids and their families are managing a food allergy. Holiday time can be especially isolating if you don't have a family action plan in place.

The Balancing Actยฎ airing on Lifetime Televisionยฎ featured Kids With Food Allergies in a recent series on food allergies. The second episode focuses on spreading food allergies awareness for the holidays.

Watch now: "Holiday Health for Food Allergies":

In the segment, Michele Cassalia, spokesperson for Kids With Food Allergies, discusses:

  • First holidays after food allergy diagnosis
  • Alerting family and friends about your child's food allergies
  • Emergency care plans
  • Signs of an allergic reaction
  • Prevention and preparation tips (how to cook safe food)
  • Holiday planning
  • Non-food holiday traditions



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